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latest news

Well, summers almost here and festival season will be slamming. Can't wait to share some of the cool shows I'll be playing!  

This last week has been intense. Flew to Calgary to play a show with Kira Isabella. What was interesting about that show is that it was in a hockey arena where the rink next to us was competing to break a record for longest hockey game played, to raise funds for the Alberta Childern's hospital foundation. I beleve it was on its 5th day or something like that. Just madness!! Flew back on saturday morning and headed downtown Toronto to Play at the Orbit Room with Ride The Tiger. That band is always such a blast to play oldschool motown tunes with!

The next day I woke up early and headed to Revolution studios where I recorded tracks for my Producer friend Michael Sonier for a killing new artist he's working with called Sarah Felker. The Song sounds fantastic. That old school dead drum sound. We used a ludwig Supraphonic from the 70's on that track. 

Tonight and tommorow evening I'm playing drums for an elemetary school performance called On Broadway. My friend Geoff's sister teaches music at the school and arranged the whole musical herself. Such cute kids, and it's fun playing in a little pit band. 

Playing drums in a really cool music video with an artist im a big fan of this Friday. I will write an update next week.

Also this past month played shows with KO, a cool singer songwriter named Josh Lamothe, Maya Killtron, Rebel did a reunion show with Mike Cohen on bass, since he was back in town with We Will Rock You (which i got to see sitting behind the drums uptop in the musician pit, and was blown away!! Danny Young and Mike are one hell of a tight rhythm section) and some cool cover bands like Electric Blonde and Jack Squat.