Jeremy Kleynhans

Happy 2019 everyone! I'll be posting info on shows, touring and everything else! Read more...


Happy 2015 Everyone! Excited to jump right into the year head on with 3 shows later this week With Kira Isabella in Ottawa and surrounding areas.  Stay tuned for more exciting info coming up too!

The last few months of 2014 were a total blast! An album I recorded drums on for Spanish/Canadian Indie artist Celia Palli was released nationally in Spain and is getting a lot of traction.

In October and November, I did a full Canadian tour called "The Shake it Tour" that was drawn out over six weeks. It was very interesting in the sense that I was playing for both Kira Isabella and the opening band Autumn Hill. Two soundchecks and two shows everyday, which was great, as it was drum drums drums all day long! It reminded me of 2011 when I did another full Canadian tour called the Joint Venture Tour, playing for Rebel Emergency, Ko and Daniel Wesley. Bass player Mike Cohen and I backed up all three acts, so it was just absoloutely insane. Non Stop!  

Anyway, this recent "shake it" tour, combined with other shows such as a radio hosting special with Lindsay Broughton, showcase with Nefe, gigs with Maddy Rodriguez, Hot fiyah (feat Divine Brown), Rebel Emergency, corporate gigs in Long Island New York and elsewhere with bands such as Electric Blonde made for a very busy closing to 2014. 

The Setlists for Kira Isabella and Autumn Hill on the Shake It Tour